About This Project


Wilson Huang

Founder of Steaker / XY Finance / GalaXY Kats

  • Steaker AUM reached $60 million in 2021.
  • Launched XY Finance, a cross-chain exchange aggregator, and successfully raised $12 million by the end of 2021.
  • Selected as one of the 30 Taiwanese Gen.T up-and-comers shaping the future of Asia.


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2022 Prediction

“To summarize the development in 2021, GameFi and NFTs drew massive attention and beyond the industry, the growth of the community is unimaginable. It also drew attention and investment to the gaming, art and entertainment industries. Blockchain related applications are no longer focused just as financial perspective, the bigger the market, the more demands it can extend, the overall diversification and the rate of development are truly astonishing.

As for a 2022 prediction, i believe we will continue the development for GameFi from last year, and more projects will begin to rise it the first half. As traditional gaming and entertaining industries will soon discover this gold mine, more resources will come along, to develop various applications with NFT in metaverse and GameFi, P2E blockchain games will rise. As of this time, DeFi projects that is surrounding the related hot topics will emerge, and attract more immigrants from the web2 community.”


About Steaker


Steaker is a new-generation digital asset management platform. Since its establishment in 2019, its asset management scale has accumulated 60 million U.S. dollars equivalent cryptocurrency. This year, Steaker expanded its territory by incubating a one-stop cross-chain aggregator XY Finance, and developed the play-to-earn adventure game GalaXY Kats with interstellar meerkats as the protagonist. The complete ecosystem spans all three fields of DeFi, GameFi, and NFT. Steaker expects to build an indispensable infrastructure for Web3 and Metaverse.