About This Project


Hsuan Lee

Founder and CEO of Blocto

  • Completed $8 million in financing in 2021 and is curently Flow’s largest PoS managed mining pool in the world.
  • More than 80% of Flow’s PoS market share uses Blocto for FLOW token pledge, with a total value of about $500 million
  • CNN’s official NFT partner and strategic investment from the NBA’s Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban


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2022 Prediction


Blockchains will continue to influence the mass market, most newbies will will experience the true value of blockchain through NFT, GameFi and social applications.



Lee has worked as a software engineer in Yahoo, Agoda, and 17 Media. He has been exposed to blockchain technology since 2015, and joined COBINHOOD in 2017 to participate in the development of exchanges and public chains as the VP of Engineering. After COBINHOOD was disbanded in 2019, former colleagues who shared the same interests founded Portto/Blocto and continues to push blockchain technology to the mainstream market.


About Blocto


Blocto is committed to reducing the barriers to entry of blockchain applications, helping many partners such as NBA Top Shot, CNN and MotoGP provide users with the easiest hands-on experience. Through Blocto, users can quickly create a blockchain account within 30 seconds, start collecting NFTs or use various blockchain applications.