About This Project


陳伯韋Po Chen

Bitcoin researcher/ Ton foundation member

  • Co-founder of the world’s largest Chinese community: Bitcoin Chinese Community, which grew to 132,000 Facebook communities by the end of 2021
  • Since 2014, Chen has published more than ten bitcoin-themed papers, and is the earliest bitcoin and blockchain scholar in Taiwan.
  • Participated in the (formerly Telegram Blockchain) TON Foundation to assist in the development of TON validators and its new mining pool services.


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2022 Prediction


In 2021, the Bitcoin community launched Taproot and schnorr signatures, which can create more complex contracts in Bitcoin while taking into account space and privacy, opening the door to Bitcoin Layer 2 and Layer 3. In the future, we expect to see Bitcoin’s L3 virtual machines to achieve high-speed computing and even decentralized exchanges. 2021 was also the year of TON Blockchain’s comeback. In 2022, the TON Team will continue to realize the original design blueprint. Let TON, which was once deserted and forgotten in 2018, return to the world.



Chen started to promote the Bitcoin community in 2014, including the Bitcoin Chinese Society and Taipei Bitcoin offline gathering. At the end of the same year, he held the First Taiwan Bitcoin Industry Summit. He studied at Peking University in 16 years and published ten articles about Bitcoin. Coin-related papers and works, in 2018 with Koji Higashi founded the Bitcoin technology community Cypherpunks Taiwan, dedicated to promoting technology and privacy awareness. Chen joined Huobi Group in 2019 to develop the Huobi public blockchain. He is currently the CTO of BlockTempo and has invested in the TON Foundation for technical research since 2021.