About This Project


Arthur Kuan

Evernew Capital Managing Partner

  • Established a US$20 million Taiwan Ecological Fund with the Solana Foundation in 2021
  • Early investor in many world’s top DeFi and ecological infrastructure projects, with investments in Serum, Bonfida, Wootrade, Coin98, Dappio, Blocto, Port Finance, Highstreet.
  • Arthur Kuan, who is also the CEO and director of CG Oncology, US biotech pharmaceutical company, and was elected as one of the 30 under 30 in the field of healthcare by Forbes.


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2022 Prediction


“2021 is said to be an exciting year, evernew capital’s investment portfolio including DeFi, L1, GameFi and metaverse, have achieved good results this year. Evernew Capital especially participated and invested in a lot of solana projects this year, also announced a mutual fund with solana foundation last July, to accelerate the development in the solana ecosysyem. We also believe the future world of crypto will coexist with multichains.

As for 2022, Evernew capital will focus on investment such as, ZKP tech development, cross-chain bridges, privacy related public chain and applications, L1/L2 combinations and combination of physical finance and DeFi. We also expect the market to be more mature on structured finance products.

In addition, Evernew also initiate solana developer supporting program, where we incubate early start up teams, and boost the industry’s development.”



Arthur Kuan, currently a Managing Partner of Evernew Capital, is also a Limited Partner of institutions such as Coinfund, Paradigm and Parafi. Arthur Kuan will be on the Forbes 30 under 30 Outstanding Youth List in 2020.

About Evernew Capital


Founded in 2018, Evernew Capital is the world’s leading cryptocurrency venture capital fund with team members all over the United States and Taiwan. Its investment portfolio includes blockchain infrastructure, DeFi, and Metaverse projects such as Serum, Bonfida, Wootrade, Coin98, Dappio, Blocto, Port Finance, Bybit, Boba Network and Highstreet. Evernew Capital also reached a cooperation with Solana Foundation in 2021 to establish a USD 20 million ecological fund.