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Jack Shih

Well-known KOL in mandarin speaking community, Bybit special analyst.

  • Over 10 million US dollars in funds under management and steady growth of at least 30% annual profit.
  • Specialized in a variety of technical analysis and currently one of the most popular analysts in Tradingview.
  • Across the Taiwan Strait, one of the most influential KOL analysts in the cryptocurrency market
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2022 Prediction


At the end of 2021, the acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the market by institutions of various countries have become more and more widespread. Most exchanges and project parties are still traditional centralized organizations, and the regulatory problems faced in the future are bound to intensify. The DAO, a decentralized organization, will be a group of dark horses next year. It faces strong regulatory pressure. The DAO organization does not have a centralized standard. It uses community votes to determine the direction of the organization’s development. In addition, DAO has not yet seen a clear response to the price in the market. The future is full of potential for development.

In terms of currency prices, according to the past bull-bear cycle, Bitcoin has a high probability of coming to the end of the bull market in early 2022. In the cold winter after the bull market, retail investors must maintain a good attitude to face the bull market in batches. After the profits are cashed out, in a stable way, you can also use the spot regular fixed quota and the cost-sharing method to carry out buying actions, and the currency will wait for the next bull market.




“Jack has nine years of practical experience in trading.
Since September 2013, he has been engaged in the analysis and research of foreign exchange and major financial markets
His funds under management exceed 10 million U.S. dollars with a steady growth of at least 30% profits every year”