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Natalie Tien

FTX Corporate PR Director

  • FTX was valued at a staggering $25 billion by the end of 2021, becoming the top three exchanges in the world by trading volume and the world’s largest cryptocurrency derivatives.
  • Throughout 2021, acquired the exclusive naming rights of the NBA’s Miami Heat arena, and many signed many MLB stars as offical sponsors, and many other world-class events, which have greatly contributed to the mainstream world of cryptocurrencies. Natalia is responsible for such world-class news global PR.
  • FTX successfully acquired derivatives exchange LedgerX and obtained three CFTC compliance licenses.
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2022 Prediction


“The two most frequently asked questions that FTX has gotten in the past year is: 1) Why FTX moved its headquarters to the Bahamas and 2) Our views on FTX’s $25 billion valuation.

The development of FTX in 2021 can correspond to the crypto industry. FTX’s B-1 round of valuation this year reached $25 billion, which is a 20-fold increase from $1.2 billion in 2020. Many of them are like traditional fund investors, just like many listed companies and commercial banks have added crypto businesses, reflecting the trend of cryptocurrency reaching more and more mainstream.

I think most companies have seen the potential of the crypto industry: 200 million users worldwide, smart contract applications (NFT, DeFi, GameFi), huge market attention and energy. This energy can last until 2022 and become a “”positive cycle.””

Another noteworthy trend is regulation. FTX moved its headquarters to the Bahamas in 2021 based on regulatory considerations. The closer the industry is to the stage of development and maturity, the more important it is for clear supervision. This was confirmed by the House of Representatives’ arrangement of crypto hearings.

In the coming year, I think the industry will enter a “”gradual application process.”” By continuing to build the network until it reaches the transitional stage, it can support enough businesses and consumers to use it. On the other hand, the regulatory framework will not be immediately clarified. The entire process may be a series of declarations and enforcement actions by the regulatory agencies, gradually forming a consensus and becoming a protection zone for investors. 2022 will be an interesting and challenging year. In addition to investing, we are also on a trend observation. To be sure, FTX will not be absent and will continue to lead the industry wave.



Digital nomads are dealing with messages between the company and the media every minute and every second. The first thing to do when you wake up is to confirm if there are any messages from the media or the boss. Maintaining the image of the company and the spokesperson before and after the media presentation is a daily task. The cooperation projects and media interviews in the past year are the results of the team through time and communication.

About FTX


FTX.com is a global crypto exchange founded by traders and provides many innovative products including equity tokens, global event prediction products, and leveraged tokens. It is the most innovative exchange in the industry. Now operating for more than two years, it has become the world’s second largest crypto exchange in terms of trading volume.