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Benson Sun

FTX Taiwan community partner/ MacroMicro Blockchain Consultant

  • With more than 20,000 followers in the community, it is one of the most popular cryptocurrency channels in Asia.
  • 2020 FTX Trading Competition Champion (Coin) ranked in the top 20
  • Developed popular trading indicators such as Sentiment Inndicator Pro, the most popular Asian script developer for Tradingview, which was launched in 2021.
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2022 Prediction


“1. In 2022, the United States will issue regulatory regulations for centralized stablecoins to clearly define the types of collateral and establish transparent audit standards and anti-money laundering regulatory frameworks. In the future, stablecoin issuers must obtain franchise licenses to operate. The supervision bodies will follow the US legislative trajectory and jointly structure the global norms of stablecoins.
2. The first large bank with a market value of more than ten billion U.S. dollars will announce the use of USD stablecoin as a settlement tool and participate in a certain form of verification node. The public chain will become an infrastructure similar to SWIFT.
3. FTX US will become the leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange in the United States, with trading volume reaching more than 150% of Coinbase, and a listing plan will be proposed.
4. Layer 2 and other high-performance Layer 1 public chains will continue to share the value spillover effect of Ethereum. The market value of most EVM compatible public chains will decline drastically. Some zk-rollup Layer 2 solutions will compete with Solana and Avalanche to form a super-strong multi-chain pattern with Ethereum.
5. There will be huge divergence in the GameFi sector. The game publishing platform and the game public chain can receive more sector dividends. A large number of game projects will face a substantial correction in market value due to the inability to deliver products in accordance with the roadmap.
6. 2022 will be the year when DAOs enter the application exploration period. Various DAOs have sprung up, but only a few types of DAOs have been proven suitable for the existence of decentralized governance, and more DAOs will end in failure .
7. Opensea is no longer the only NFT platform, with many strong competitors in the market. Because of intensified competition in the NFT trading market, transaction fees will drop significantly.



“Benson is Taiwan community partner from FTX, MacroMicro Blockchain Consultant, he once won the cjampionship of FTX global trading competition. He acquired unique trading style and is familar with derivatives and on-chain data analysis, he’s also the author of traiding indicator like Sentiment Indicator Pro, he’s also one of the most popular Asian script developers on Tradingview.

His telegram channel Benson’s Trading Desk provides professional bitcoin market analysis and current affair discussions. The channel has over 20,000 users, making one of the most popular cryptocurrency channels in Asia.”