About This Project


Titan Cheng

Founder and CEO of BitoEX Group

  • Bito Group is one of the largest exchanges in Taiwan, with 800,000 active members, accounting for more than 90% of the virtual currency market in Taiwan. Bito Group has BitoEX currency wallets and BitoPro currency exchanges.
  • Company developed original patented TT Check gift card, to implement more diverse applications for cryptocurrency.
  • Company also establish a complete”Third-Party guarantee mechanism”to create a more secured trading environment.
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2022 Prediction


Look past 2021, blockchain industry has experienced a vigorous period. Still remembered the trending forecast prediction was “traditional investing institutions will soon begin to invest cryptocurrency, corporate and enterprises will soon continue to do so”, which is now in progress. As the year has came to an end, i look forward to predicting the future development of blockchain industry in 2022.

In 2021, NFT surged, due to distinguishing fungible characteristic technology, it is widely used in special applications like artworks, collectibles and gaming characters. Since blockchain technology is the most important foundation of metaverse, it is expected that NFT will be the core tech for digital identities in the future.

Heading to 2022, more international companies are expected to expand their presence in the NFTsphere, which will lead to metaverse. The POV for blockchain will evolve from fungible token like bitcoin to non fungible tokens, and eventually to a metaverse outpost where most international corporations have released their NFT.

The combination of NFT, Web 3.0 and somatosensory technology, will gradually structure the metaverse, and will expect a clearer view of the metaverse this year.

For 2022 prediction, blockchain will form a multichain development trend. Native blockchain’s diversified development will bring more innovative business services to applications. Under multichain competition, TPS will be faster, Gas fee will be lower, DeFi and GameFi will surge.

Technology will drive the industry to growth, while money floating in the industry, blockchain and cryptocurrency value will grow rapidly. The amount of money VC invested last year in blockchain and crypto industry has soared to 30 billion US Dollars, will annual increase up to 300%. In 2022, it is expected to see more successful blockchain technologies, and attract more companies worldwide to embrace blockchain.



Titan is a software system development enginner, who is familiar with decentralized storage management and financial system construction. Before he founded the company, he participated in the development of large-scale financial projects such as CDIC and agricultural bank. Titan founded BitoEX in 2014, and launched BitoPro crypto exchange in 2018. Stable revenue product BitoDebt was then released in 2019.

The industry’s mission along the way, is to promote infrastructural construction, such as appeal the government on creating joint fraud prevention, and implemented by the government. BitoEX is the first few companies to comply with government’s regulation after implementing money laundry law in 2021.

About Bito Group


Leading blockchain cryptocurrency company Bito Group, founded by Titan Cheng and Jimmy Liu in 2014, is committed to blockchain inclusive financing, the two main platforms are BitoEX wallet and BitoPro exchange, which are complied to the current regulatory lawsm and KYC to provide diversified cryptocurrency channels. BitoEX provides bank transfer and convenient stores to purchase cryptocurrency. Bito is also the first platform to activate purchase crypto from convenient store, which attracted Wall Street media’s attention. BitoPro provides order trading and fixed-income products BitoDebt to construct the best hedging crypto asset possible.