About This Project


Yenwen Feng

Perpetual Protocol | Co-founder

  • Perp is the world’s largest Defi derivatives service agreement. By the end of 2021, the total transaction volume had exceeded 35 billion US dollars, and the market value of Perp tokens exceeding 1.3 billion US dollars (39 billion Taiwan dollars)
  • Version 2 has been released on Optimism, the second layer solution of Ethereum, providing a faster and cheaper DeFi experience.
  • As of mid-2021, it occupied 70% of the on-chain derivatives market.
  • Obtained several of the world’s top Defi capital investments. Participating institutions include Multicoin Capital, Three Arrows Capital, CMS Holding and Alameda Research.
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2022 Prediction


1. 2021 is a relatively unattractive year for DeFi. As the new L2 and L1 public chains start to mature, it is believed that two to three DeFi projects will return to the top 20 by market value in 2022. The market for derivative financial products will also grow rapidly because of the high efficiency of L2.
2. The market saturation of NFT and Metaverse will cause a short three-month bear market in 2022, and then the market will recover due to new innovators.
3. The strengthening of DeFi supervision will allow more DeFi Projects to divide their products into Permissioned and Permissionless markets on the one hand, and on the other hand, it will promote the birth of more anonymous projects.



“Feng started his own business in 2004 and has founded various B2C network service companies like Cubie, Gamelet, Willmobile and so on.
In 2017, he began to invest in blockchain entrepreneurships and co-founded Decore, which provides accounting service systems for blockchain-related companies.
Perpetual Protocol was established in 2019, and it received investment from Multicoin Capital, Alameda Research, 3AC, Binance and other institutions.
Feng Yanwen is very interested in software development, entrepreneurship, growth, and blockchain. His Twitter and Medium are: @tempofeng”

About Perpetual Protocol


Perpetual Protocol (@perpprotocol) is a DeFi decentralized derivative financial product protocol. It is the first to use automatic market-making smart contracts to directly provide liquidity to derivative financial product traders. It has been online for about a year since 2020 and has a total trading volume of 35 billion U.S. dollars, maintaining a leading position in the AMM model of decentralized derivatives exchanges.