About This Project


Sean Tao

Sean Tao – Everest Ventures Partner/ Kikitrade CEO

  • EVG is an early investor in popular projects: Animoca, Flow, Kraken, Sandbox, Blocto.
  • In the first half of 2021, KiKiTrade, its social investment platform, completed a Pre-A round of fundraising of NT$360 million.
  • Obtained a strategic investment of US$4 million from British hedge fund tycoon Alan Howard


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2022 Prediction

In year 2022, Web 3, Blockchain Games and NFT will continue to generate large group of users and more well-known brands into blockchains.


About EVG


Everest Ventures Group(evg.co)is a venture studio that focuses on mass adoption investments, such as NFTs, Blockchain Games and Web 3. Portfolio included Animoca, Flow, Kraken, Sandbox and Blocto etc., Besides Investment, EVG also has Inhouse entrepreneurial projects, including social investment platform kikitrade, asset management platform Aspen and a wallet targeting the African market called Vibra.