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Pochang Wu

OurSong Co-founder

  • One of the largest NFT trading platforms in Taiwan, company assist the most restaurants and celebrities in 2021, including Shiyuan Chicken, Internet celebrity Lian Qianyi, and Shujiya Tsujiha Ramen Shop, successfully promoting NFTs to the general public.
  • Lead singer of the well-known Taiwanese independent band Echo Orchestra.
  • Cooperated with a number of well-known musicians, including: Julia Wu, Kimberley Chen, Haoqiang, and Zhu Tuo to launch popular NFTs.
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2022 Prediction


In the coming year, I think the industry will enter a “gradual application process.” By continuing to build the network until it reaches the transitional stage, it can support enough businesses and consumers to use it. On the other hand, the regulatory framework will not be immediately clarified. The entire process may be a series of declarations and enforcement actions by the regulatory agencies, gradually forming a consensus and becoming a protection zone for investors. 2022 will be an interesting and challenging year. In addition to investing, we are also on a trend observation. To be sure, FTX will not be absent and will continue to lead the industry wave.



Pochang Wu is Oursong’s co-founder, leading vocal of the group ECHO. He devoted himself into the development of digital music and blockchain/NFT platform for a long period of time. In 2008, he founded iNDIEVOX, the largest Indie store in Taiwan, he was the CIO of StreetVoice, and founded digital release platform Packer and Blow music. In 2016, he joined KKBOX group and co-found digital release platform theFARM and Soundscape.

About OurSong


OurSong is a NFT platform that intergrates music, design, art and other types of creations. Oursong is committed to simplify the complexity of blockchain technology, so that everyone can create, collect and trade NFT easily. By transforming daily creativity into economic wealth, and build your own social universe on Oursong.

Oursong is also a playground for NFT novices, where everyone can create and share artwork with friends, and transform ideas creativity into new type of digital collective cards – Vibe. Join our digital collectibles social universe now and start discovering new potential artworks.