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Taiwan No. 1 Technology Podcaster (Baobo Friends Say) and CryptoOG

  • Regularly posts content to the podcast “Baobo Friends Says” every week, and has been at the top in the technology sector many times.
  • The world-renowned Chinese KOL brings top-tier popular science knowledge of blockchains and NFT to the audience through interesting dialogues.
  • Lecturer at the Department of Communications of Beijing University of Science and Technology and the Network Media Institute of National Taiwan University.
  • Graduates of Singularity University, an elite school jointly organized by Google and NASA
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2022 Prediction


The metaverse has entered a reorganization period and is preparing to enter a stage of fierce competition. NFTs have entered a period of brand marketing chaos with a hundred companies contending. Virtual currencies have officially become one of the capital reserve options of the countries, enterprises, and retail investors.



Taiwan No. 1 Technology Podcaster (Baobo Friends Say) and CryptoOG