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Ian Hsu

EM3 DAO Founder

  • The EM3 community gathers many influential KOLs in Taiwan, and is committed to early detection of technological trends and investment opportunities.
  • Connect with a number of international emerging potential projects (Impossible Finance, GuildFi) and parcticipate in the Taiwan discussion community.


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2022 Prediction


“2022 market overview:

2022 may be a difficult year. In light of the overall global economic conditions, if the traditional financial market collapses under the influence of the general environment, it will be difficult for cryptocurrencies, which are risk assets, to survive. Therefore, my personal operation has turned conservative, and the position ratio has been adjusted to 7: 3 (USD: CRYPTO) towards the end of the fourth quarter of 2021. After all, most people made a lot of money, but profits can go for a long time!

If the market turns into a bear market in 2022, there can still be 70% of fiat currencies that can be strategically deployed. Whether it is investments in the primary market or the establishment of positions in the secondary market, the cost of most investments during a bear market will be relatively low as long as you continue to focus on the market, do your research, and then adjust your strategy according to the market. At the same time, DCA mainstream big coins: $BTC, $ETH, $ZEC, $DOT, $FTT, can help to make a position to create productive income flows. (Lending/Staking).

Although I am bearish on the 2022 market, it does not mean I am bearish on the development of the industry. In the long run, there are still many blockchain projects that are worth investing in the bear market. Personally, I am optimistic about the privacy sector ($ZEC $TORN $MOB) and decentralization. Storage ($AR), fundraising platform ($IDIA $RAY), Web3.0 infrastructure (RSS3, $BLT), chain game DAO ($GF), and some still underestimated DeFi Studio ($HAKKA $MIST $ T), we must wait patiently for the arrival of the tuyere, and enjoy the market dividends!


About EM3


EM3 is a community driven cryptocurrency investing community, which gathered crypto enthusiasts, developers, researchers, investors, miners, media, VCs and various blockchain start ups companies to share daily information through community exchange and explore blue chips by implementing value investment in the market as a whole.