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劉世偉Alex Liu

Founder and CEO of MaiCoin Group

  • As of 2021, MaiCoin Group is one of the largest local exchanges in Taiwan, which includes: MaiCoin platform, MAX exchange, AMIS blockchain underlying technology company, and MaiCapital hedge fund company (Hong Kong).
  • AMIS is a founding member of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA), providing blockchain solutions to the financial services industry.
  • MaiCapital is a hedge fund company that uses quantitative analysis to invest in blockchains, virtual currencies, and alternative assets.
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2022 Prediction


“Next year, the focus of the blockchain industry is expected to be in the development of NFTs. It is like going back to the beginning of the Internet in 1997-1998 where everyone can set up their own website. Just like those times, NFTs will have explosive growth. When there are opportunities and business opportunities everywhere there will also be a high degree of market competition. Under such competition, the industry will be able to develop more innovations and experience layers. The tested new business model will also stand firm and define the market. In the future, NFTs will be fully popularized and become a part of the industry.



Alex Liu is the founder and CEO of MaiCoin Group. He was born in Taipei and graduated from the Institute of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, California. He has worked at Qualcomm, Atheros, Hitachi, Samsung, and Siemens. A technology giant with more than 15 years of rich information and communication technology capabilities and industry experience. He saw the infinite possibilities of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency years ago, and decided to abandon senior foreign executive positions to return to Taiwan and launch his own business. In 2014, he founded MaiCoin digital asset trading platform , MaiCoin Group is now the digital asset trading group with the largest transaction volume and the most complete technical foundation in Taiwan. It provides services related to cryptocurrency transactions and blockchain technology. Its businesses include MaiCoin digital asset trading platform, AMIS account network technology company, MAX Digital Asset Exchange and MaiCapital Hedge Fund Company (Hong Kong).

About MaiCoin Group


Taiwan’s digital asset trading group with the largest transaction volume and the most complete technical foundation
MaiCoin Group is the leading digital asset brand with the largest local transaction volume in Taiwan and the only company with underlying blockchain technology. Founded in 2013, it is a pioneer in Taiwan’s cryptocurrency industry. MaiCoin is committed to the continuing promotion of blockchain underlying technology and cryptocurrency applications, mainstreaming digital assets, and providing public security and diversified choices. Currently, it mainly provides services such as cryptocurrency trading, cryptocurrency extension product services, and enterprise blockchain technology application solutions. The business includes MaiCoin platform, MAX exchange, and AMIS blockchain. The underlying technology company, MaiCapital, a hedge fund company based in Hong Kong is the world’s first fiat currency fund trust custody. MaiCoin platform, MAX exchange is supervised by the competent authority in Taiwan, MaiCoin HQ’s physical store is located in Taipei, AMIS Custody recently passed SOC 2 security audit and MaiCapital currently has a securities business license issued by the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission.”